With the pandemic introducing more opportunities for remote work, many employees need to gain the necessary skills for virtual communication. Whether you’re working from home or your job simply enforces virtual meetings, there are always ways to improve team communication and create a professional remote workspace. In this article, we’ll demonstrate some of the best ways to enhance your communication skills during meetings, video calls, and other forms of online communication.

How to Communicate Virtually

Not everyone is readily-equipped with virtual communication skills; for some, it takes time to learn how to navigate the differences between online and in-person team communication. Here are some tips to help you communicate better virtually.

Be Punctual

Timeliness is always a sign of a loyal employee. Showing up on time to a virtual meeting demonstrates to your employer that you take this seriously and are eager to begin. If possible, attend the meeting at least ten to fifteen minutes early; if others are already there, take the opportunity to socialize and exchange friendly greetings with your co-workers.

Dress Accordingly

Man in suit on video call on laptopYou may be in the comfort of your own home during your virtual meeting, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress professionally. Remember that you are still in the presence of your co-workers and superiors who you should be making a good impression on, so make sure you are still following your job’s dress code.

Communicate Your Purpose

When you join a virtual meeting, it should be clear that you are there for a reason. During the call, be sure to communicate your message effectively in a clear manner. This can be done by preparing a list of things you would like to convey during your meeting and expressing them in a way that is easy for others to understand.

Focus on Body Language

If you’re showing yourself on video, your co-workers will pay attention to how you present yourself. Slumping over with poor posture will give them the impression that you are bored or disinterested; on the other hand, an upright posture with an eager facial expression will demonstrate that you are ready to inform and listen.

Speak With Engagement

Woman with headset on couch on video callIn a virtual meeting, it can be easy to drone off while someone else is talking. When it’s your time to speak, ensure that your tone of voice is energetic and you maintain professional language throughout. Engaging your co-workers and superiors will help you gain their respect and admiration.

Listen Actively

Depending on your position in the meeting, most of your time in a virtual meeting may not be spent talking, but listening. Don’t forget that your co-workers are in the same boat as you – they are here to express their opinions and messages, and it’s your job to return the favor. Listen to what everyone has to say with an active ear and share thoughts accordingly.

Build Relationships

A major point of online team communication is fostering healthy work relationships with your co-workers. Building relationships with other professionals can help improve your image within the field and even bring you career growth opportunities. Take notice of new people in the virtual meeting room and grapple with the opportunity to network and mingle with others.

Virtual Team Communication Resources From VOC

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