Nowadays, there are many things to think about when choosing a job, including the location of the position, the people you will work with, your potential salary, the benefits offered, etc. The ability to use remote working is a new factor to take into account in the era of the zoom meeting. There are many advantages to accepting a job that gives you the freedom to work partially or entirely from home, but there are also some disadvantages that workers should take into account.

Pros Of Remote Working

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There are numerous advantages to working from home for employees.

Work-Life Balance

Being able to plan your work around your life rather than the other way around is a significant advantage of working from home. Working in an office no longer makes sense if you want to be able to lead a healthy lifestyle given the 8-hour workday, commute, and sleep.


Employees not only have a better sense of life balance but also have a lot more control over their working lives. They can conduct business from their homes, a coffee shop, a park, or even a beach! Since dressing professionally for an office environment is no longer important, they can also choose to spend less money on wardrobes.

Increased Productivity

Many workers who operate remotely will attest to their increased productivity. Many people believe that having more control over their environment and experiencing fewer interruptions has allowed them to produce better work faster. This is advantageous for both the employee and the company.

Fewer Interruptions

While having a cubicle allows for quick and easy access to you for questions or collaboration, having coworkers peek over the partition several times a day for conversations unrelated to work can be very distracting. Working remotely eliminates this problem.

Cons Of Remote Working

Even though all of that sounds amazing, there are some downsides to remote work that some employees may not have considered.

No Separation Between Work And Home

Although having a good work-life balance is important, it can be challenging to keep work and home life separate when they take place in the same space. Some people even end up working from their couches or beds because they don’t have a home office where they can keep all of their work-related tasks organized. While initially this may be delightful, eventually your couch and bed may feel like your office, adding to your overall stress.

Distractions At HomeClose up shot of young woman working remotely from home on laptop, sitting on the couch in living room with her jack russell terrier puppy.

While your coworkers may no longer be bending your ear to tell you about their child’s soccer game or how they’re taking their cat to the vet, your own children, spouses, roommates, or pets may now be the ones who pester you and keep you from your work. Even the freedom to watch TV, play on your phone, or do the laundry seems like a perk, but it can take a lot of time away from getting the day’s tasks done.

Increased Need For Meetings

Since you won’t be in the office with your coworkers, where collaboration can freely and easily occur, if you work in a team, you will be required to attend more meetings than before. Even if your team is small or doesn’t require frequent meetings, you still need to communicate with one another.

Loneliness And IsolationBored woman in self isolation laying on the sofa. Woman remote working

The decrease in social interaction that comes with remote work is one of its biggest disadvantages, especially for people who live alone. Working and living alone can make people feel incredibly lonely, even if they don’t feel particularly close to any of their coworkers. Yet there are steps you can take and things you can do to connect with others outside of your home, but for many, this is a significant issue that should be strongly taken into account when choosing to work remotely.

Final Thoughts On Remote Working

It ultimately comes down to personal preference when choosing between working from home or an office. Consider these advantages and disadvantages, as well as those of others, before making your decision.

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