Lerner Research Institute

CC Lerner Research Institute Lab Move Project

The newly remodeled Lerner Research space spans approximately 45,000 square feet and houses state-of-the-art research laboratories. It features a combination of wet and dry labs, along with desktop spaces situated in each lab. Additionally, the facility boasts a floor dedicated to 35 private offices and 19 shared cubicles. This modern infrastructure not only supports the expansion and evolution of the Lerner Lab program but also adheres to the stringent standards set by the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute.

The relocation process involved inventorying and transferring over 600 pieces of equipment, including 8 Dry Labs equipped with 52 workstation bays. VOC carefully planned and confirmed each move route that would accommodate the relocating equipment. Equipment vendors of specialized equipment were kept involved to assist/advise with moving some of the more delicate equipment and the appropriate testing and recertification was coordinated. VOC worked closely with the lab teams and architect in the placement and layout of equipment into the new space to confirm equipment fit and power/water/venting needs.

Furthermore, the facility houses 8 shared rooms, accommodating specialized areas such as BSL2 tissue culture rooms, bacterial culture rooms, a freezer farm containing 12 freezers, and a cryostorage room housing 13 oxygen tanks and freezers. In total, the facility accommodates a staff of 80 members, comprising of directors, post-doctoral researchers, graduate students, technicians, and administrative personnel.

Over 600 pieces of equipment and 80 staff moved

Square Footage: 45,000SF

Owner: Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute

Design Team: Perspectus Architecture

VOC Scope: Transition Planning | Move Management

Transition Period: September 2022 thru August 2023