Managing multiple projects at once can be overwhelming. Projects piling on top of one another causes business and organizations on their toes. This is why project managers exist. They know how to lead a team or individuals to achieve goals set within a given time and resources. That’s why it’s necessary that project managers need to have great management skills and organizational skills.

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One of the best project management tips is to know the processes involved each step of the way. This gives project managers the right perspective and insight on how to handle multiple projects.

Initiating and Planning.

During this phase, the project manager will be chosen. Part of the discussion will include clearly defining the goals and scope of the project, estimated project, and timeline. The project manager will then create the blueprint to serve as a pitch for the project’s approval or the initial guide for the entire project.


This is the phase where the actual project is put into action. Resources, budget, and staffs required to deliver the project are procured then put into action.

Monitoring and Controlling

At this phase, projects — whether single or multiple — will be closely monitored by project managers. This determines if the plans during the initiation phase are executed well. If not, corrective actions and necessary changes must be made in order for the project to push through.


Once all the project’s tasks have been completed, project managers will still have few tasks to complete such as a review of the project — what worked and what didn’t. They will also need to prepare a final report documenting the project.

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Project managers must possess several skills in order to successfully accomplish multiple projects. Here are some project management tips:

Have Your Expectations and Goals Set Early

One of the best project management tips we can suggest is setting expectations early on keeps project managers from being overworked, burnt out, and exhausted in the future. This way, team members — including the project manager — will know what to expect to do and contribute to the projects and can prepare for it. Also having goals defined clearly at the beginning of the project will prevent the team and project members from being distracted further along the project.

Prioritize Your Tasks

A great project management tip is to know how to prioritize tasks. By doing this, project managers can allocate more time needed to urgent and important tasks. If corrections or other actions need to be made, they can still have ample time for them.

Manage Risks

If things don’t go according to plan, project managers should have a clearly written contingency plan to make sure their project is still continuous. For instance, if some work arrangements don’t work for the team members, then the project manager might consider special arrangements in order to continue the team’s productivity.

Know How To Easily Switch Tasks

Knowing how to switch easily between tasks is an important skill to have especially for multiple project managers. To easily do these, group and schedule tasks that are of the same type together. This way, it’s easier to stay focused and not lose momentum even when shifting between different tasks.

Know How to Make the Most of Your Time

In order to make the most of your time, figure out how much work can be done without the risk of overworking and exhaustion. Create a schedule and stick to it. Just like in prioritizing tasks, give more time to the more important tasks within each project.

Know How To Communicate

Communication in the workplace is important. It creates a strong and open team. This provides a healthy conducive work environment that allows project managers and team members to work well with each other. With better communication comes better performance. Communication thus eliminates unnecessary problems in the workplace.

Use Every Tool at Your Disposal

Aside from resources and delegates, project managers can use project managing apps or software. They make managing projects easier since they can also act as an organizing tool, tracking tool, and collaboration tool.

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