The link between workplace communication and productivity is undeniable. That lack of productivity can be costly for your business. When everyone understands their tasks and has something to work on, not only does everything get done but, employees will feel more accomplished at the end of the day.

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Leading The Way

Leaders in the workplace have a special relationship with team communication. This is because the way they approach it becomes the culture. A manager can help ease some stress when it comes to communication by having a clear outline of the role and its expectations. While communicating this verbally is fine, it’s even better to have a copy for each team member in writing so they can refer back to it when they need to.

Another thing managers can do to help team communication is outlining what the driving metrics for the role are, why they are important and, what the team can do to reach and exceed the expectations for those metrics. If there are performance gaps, managers should use concrete examples from data they’ve collected so the underperforming team member can better understand exactly where they can improve. Managers can also help facilitate good communications within the group by providing the team space for that exact purpose. That could come in the form of cheesy icebreakers or a little holiday get together.

Organic and Organized Team Communication

Leadership communication and task management isn’t the only kind of communication that is important in the workplace. Communication among teams is also essential. Getting to know one another is the easiest way to get your team to communicate. Maybe you’re in the office or asynchronous around the globe. Your company could be a team of 5 people or 5,000. Despite these wide-ranging variables, a strong team has taken the time to get to know each other. They are friendly towards each other. They say hello and good morning. Everyone wants to feel like they are working together for the same goal. Team members also want to feel as though everyone is pulling their weight. The team can communicate more effectively when they are provided with tools to be able to collaborate. These can be tools like Slack or Monday, which help organize communications and projects for teams. Organization among teams leads to more impactful communication.

The More The Merrier

There is a third group of communicators that are just as important as well. This group consists of employees in different work centers and vendors that work with your team. Being able to communicate effectively with other groups is essential for the overall success of the business. Be sure to skip the jargon when conversing with these groups. Outside groups want to feel a part of the finished product just as much as the primary team. Avoiding alienating language is an awesome way to keep these groups in the loop. They value the time of the outside groups and work quickly to make sure that communications between parties are quick and accurate.

Things To Avoid

Not all communication is meaningful communication. Try to avoid fluffy conversations. These empty conversations might be well intentioned but they often distract the team from meeting impactful deadlines. Meaningful communication should not be a distraction from the task at hand. You don’t want leadership or your peers to view you as a distraction in the workplace. Management should also work to make sure communication is quick and effective before gossip happens. Gossip can quickly make the workplace toxic and is a form of communication that is not welcome in the workplace.

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