Internal communication within an organization and team is crucial in order to achieve goals and build an ideal workplace. In an effort to effectively communicate as a team, there are many factors that can be considered. Working as a team means that each individual is successfully contributing to a goal and communicating effectively to reach objectives. Here are a few ways to create a successful and healthy team with effective team communication:

Clear Space for Listening

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Listening is an essential skill set and plays an integral role in communicating within an organization. Active listening encourages transparency, honesty, and success. When active listening occurs, there is an indication that your teammate is being heard. This builds trust and strengthens relationships within your team. The key to listening is to create space for others by accepting differences and allowing room to grow. Creating a culture that is built upon mutual respect will not only advance internal relationships, but also advance success within a company. Clearing space for active listening allows for courageous conversations that promote growth, change, and an equitable workspace.

Create Open Team Communication

Encouraging open team communication ensures that each teammate is given the opportunity to share their concerns, suggestions, and achievements. When an organization establishes an open environment with clear expectations, this creates a positive and productive workplace. Miscommunication happens within an organization when information is not being shared effectively and assumptions are being made. Lack of communication can lead to reduced efficiency and a wide range of conflicts. By contrast, open communication facilitates greater performance and fosters a productive workplace. When establishing an open workplace environment, it is critical that miscommunication is being addressed and responded to accordingly for optimal functioning. Barriers are removed when teammates feel their ideas will be heard and a sense of empowerment is shared among the group, when the stigma of failure is removed.

Encourage Collaboration

Collaboration is imperative within any workplace. Encouraging collaboration starts from the top and leaders have a responsibility to implement this through modeling and deliberate design. Creating a culture that encourages professionals to work together, not only builds trust and a positive environment, but also produces an end result that surpasses anything that was done independently. Creative projects are fostered when ideas are generated from multiple sources. Great results are a direct reflection of workplaces that allow space and time to collaborate.

Create Transparency within Your Team

Workplace transparency involves the demonstration of an organization implementing mutual trust and valuing employees at every level. Establishing effective team communication that is actively committed to achieving the same mission and vision will ultimately improve morale and boost performance. When executing a transparent culture, it takes a collective effort through exchanging and communicating effectively throughout the entire organization. Making sure there are clear and concise action plans and intentional objectives that the team has developed together will help in fostering and maintaining a transparent culture.

Be Open for Feedback and Constructive Criticism

Feedback is a powerful development tool when it comes to establishing effective team communication. An organization that is focused around consistent feedback enables individuals to become more self-aware and efficient. Open continual feedback can help improve performance within an organization by allowing individuals to understand both their strengths and weaknesses. Constructive criticism is beneficial because it allows for an open learning experience which helps employee growth and development. However, sometimes in a professional environment, it can be forgotten to recognize what is going well. It is important for team communication to give feedback on what is being valued and share positive feedback with each other as well.

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