Getting a lab ready for operations can be a grueling task. You have to make sure that everything is prepared, from the equipment to the people.

Activation planning helps you transition smoothly to active operations. A team of specialists will handle all the work needed to make sure that you launch on schedule.

An Overview Of Activation Planning

Laboratories employ activation planning services during a new launch or transfer to a new location. It handles everything from assessment and scheduling to mobilization. Planning ensures that no details are overlooked, preventing disruption to a lab’s operations.

Here is how a usual activation planning process goes:

  1. Schedule development: a team of specialists will assess the requirements for the transition. From there, they will create a schedule of the project that includes any milestones that need fulfilling. The process may consist of building design and construction. Once they complete the schedule, all the parties receive it in an easy-to-read format.
  2. Training: one of the key factors of a successful launch is personnel. They must know what to do and where to go from the first day. A planning activation team orients all transitioning and new staff. They train and monitor them, ensuring that they can handle all equipment while adhering to safety protocols. Your staff must be able to operate with little disruption.
  3. Inventory management: Your location may need demolition or remodeling. If this is the case, the specialists will create a detailed inventory. It helps ensure that all equipment is safe before any construction work starts. Activation planners also dispose of old equipment and potentially hazardous materials if they are no longer needed.

Business partnership coworkers writing cost work progress and using a tablet to analysis graph company financial budget report and planning for future in office room.

The Benefits Of Activation Planning

Activation planning is vital for making sure that everything and everyone is ready in the new facility. Labs need to be able to show exceptional service from the day they launch. Planners act as a facilitator, while also providing checks and balances to all aspects.

Here are some of the benefits proper activation planning provides:

  • Guarantees safety for both staff and patients.
  • Tests and validates all materials, including technology, systems, and building elements.
  • Trains and prepares staff for the start of operations.
  • Helps all groups work together and function as a team.
  • Ensures high quality of work.

Activation planning also allows you to gain insight into innovations you may not be aware of. They can bring fresh ideas to enhance your lab further.

Planners will often engage in consultation to ensure that everything moves to your specifications and will look into possible risks and hazards based on their experience.

Keys To Successful Activation Planning

While activation planning is a big step in solidifying the transition and development process, there are factors you need to keep in mind for success. These are:

  • Proper budgeting: where and when to use your money is an important part of the process. With an activation planner, you retain control of the financial aspects. It is up to you to ensure that every step is within budget. Always check if you are on track for your intended return on investment (ROI).
  • Set realistic goals: the time frame must be achievable if you want to launch your lab without any problems. You may need to plan for more time than you anticipate needing as an assurance. It also helps to be flexible and set realistic goals.
  • Connect: a big part of activation planning is preparing potential partners and customers for launch. At this point, you have to be secure with the image and branding you have. Activation can change depending on your location or the people you want to connect with.

Take A Step Towards Success

Activation planning is one of the safest moves you can make to help with preparation for your lab. The planners you are getting are experts that know all the technical aspects required for a successful laboratory launch. These plans adjust to your circumstances, minimizing any negative impact on your team.

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