In the healthcare industry, hospital leaders and administrators are expected to provide professional, knowledgeable, responsible, and efficient services in their day-to-day operations. This includes prioritizing and providing care to patients. One critical aspect that requires the right know-how is patient move planning or the process of relocating patients.

This is even more important when patients need to be moved from one facility to another. Along with this, it is important that meticulous planning for the efficient and safe transfer of patients is a top priority. This includes patient discharge from an old facility to the accompaniment and transfer. Additionally, proper vehicle transfer, medical equipment transfer, and admission to the new facility.

Patient Move Planning for Hospitals and Hospital Staff

Similar to moving homes, patient relocation can be a stressful activity for everyone involved. Not only are hospitals and hospital staff expected to facilitate a smooth transition, but they are also expected to execute it with utmost care.

The primary focus of the planning is to ensure that the patient is assisted properly. Planning guarantees that all health and safety protocols are in place.  Necessary paperwork from the doctors, the hospital, and the patient is completed. Along with this, hospitals are expected to ensure that their patient has the right transport vehicle and healthcare equipment needed to make the trip. It is also the job of facilities to coordinate and communicate everything from the patient’s departure to their arrival. All this, for the comfort and convenience of the care receiver.

Three nurses and one doctor pushing a patient in a gurney in hospital corridor

Understanding the Benefits of Patient Move Planning

At first glance, patient move planning seems beneficial only for hospitals and their staff. In truth, a well-planned relocation works to everyone’s advantage. Below are the key considerations that make planning beneficial.

Reduces Stress Through Planning

In any major activity, you may have noticed that the well mapped out ones are the ones that go off without a hitch. Or at the very least, with minimal hiccups. When you spend time on patient move planning, you are able to drastically alleviate the stress that comes with having to relocate a patient who has healthcare needs. When it is less stressful for you, it is less stressful for the patient as well.

No Room for Mistakes

In the hospital environment, there is never any room for mistakes. Mistakes in the healthcare industry could lead to serious consequences. By planning outpatient relocation carefully, the hospital administrators are able to create a transfer itinerary that is free from potential issues. Pre-planning lets those in charge forecast what these possible problems are, or how any of them could take place. More importantly, it allows healthcare providers to prepare solutions for these probable incidents.

Training Practices

In the event that more than one patient needs to be moved, patient move planning can prove to be useful. Planning would entail the implementation of training for healthcare practitioners and even in assessing the abilities of the patient. Including the potential risks involved in the particular activity.

Hazard Identification

Moving individuals especially those who are ill or are unwell requires a lot of thought and care. By planning out the transfer, staff can identify hazards and risks that are present in both facilities. Hospitals are able to prepare for these risks and ideally find the necessary steps to avoid them.

The Art of Patient Move Planning

When you plan, you take many things into consideration. You detail various aspects of the activity and in most cases even include a contingency plan for when things do not work out as planned. If you are already planning the little things that are part of your day-to-day life then you will understand just how much more important it is when it involves the life of someone else. Moving a patient doesn’t just involve those who are in a stable condition. More often than not it requires the transfer of someone who is in dire need of medical attention. It goes without saying that patient move planning is crucial for all those involved.

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